Unveiling the future of electric mobility, BYD has recently made waves in India with 200 bookings. the grand launch of its cutting-edge Seal EV. Surging ahead in the race for sustainable transportation, BYD proudly disclosed that an impressive 200 reservations have already been made for this groundbreaking electric sedan.

Dynamic,Premium and Performance This three variants is available in BYD SEAL (EV)

Diving into the details, the BYD Seal offers a trinity of choices for the discerning consumer – the Dynamic, Premium, and Performance variants, each promising a unique driving experience. Starting at an enticing Rs 41 lakh (ex-showroom), these variants share their technological DNA with the Atto 3 electric SUV, solidifying BYD’s commitment to innovative electric platforms.

Key Specs Of BYD Seal EV

Let’s explore the power dynamics beneath the sleek exterior. The Dynamic trim, as the entry point into this electrifying lineup, boasts a 61.44 kWh battery propelling a robust 201 BHP electric motor. With a commendable claimed range of 510 km, it sets the stage for an electrifying journey.

Ascending the ladder, the Premium variant beckons with an 82.56 kWh battery providing a staggering 650 km range. Accompanied by a formidable 308 BHP electric motor generating 360 Nm of torque, it delivers not just distance but also a potent performance that’s bound to leave enthusiasts in awe.

At the zenith of the Seal lineup stands the Performance trim, a true marvel of electric engineering. Sporting an 82.56 kWh battery powering not one but two electric motors, it roars to life with 523 BHP and a formidable 670 Nm of torque. With an impressive 580 km range on a single charge, it symbolizes the pinnacle of BYD’s prowess in the electric vehicle domain.

In essence, the BYD Seal EV isn’t just a car; it’s a statement, a fusion of sophistication and raw power. As you contemplate your next automotive adventure, remember that with BYD, the future isn’t a destination – it’s a thrilling journey.