According to the Report, In this year, you can buy Hyundai cars on e-commerce platform Amazon.

On Nov. 16, 2023, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Amazon and Hyundai addresed a big announcement. In 2024, a new pilot program would let shoppers not only explore Hyundai cars on but also pay for them.

It’s still not yet possible for a common person to buy a desired car on Amazon. Amazon and Hyundai have not publicly announced the exact date the pilot will start.

Although since 2018, Hyundai has started an “electronic showroom” on Amazon, which lets shoppers explore cars – and almost, but not quite, buy them.

Currently, if you go on and search “Hyundai,” you’ll see Hyundai’s webpage on as the first search result. You can click on this webpage, enter your ZIP code and see new Hyundai cars that are for sale at nearby available dealers.

The current system lets you select model and color, choose between financing and leasing and estimate a monthly payment plan.

But as of now , you can’t check out with a car in your shopping cart. Instead, once you’ve chosen the car you want, Amazon will redirect you to a local dealer so you can choose financing/leasing as per your convinience and pay for the car at the dealership.